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Prospective students can ask us anything and get real answers from a team of current USF students.

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So I am not applying for any performing arts majors/minor. However, I want to be able to keep dancing and singing. Am I able to take classes if not involved in that school? Are there clubs/organizations at USF or ways outside of the school to continue with it?

Absolutely! You’ll be able to take those courses as Cores or electives when you have room for them in your schedule.

In terms of a club/organization, there is ASUSF Voices, an organization funded through USF’s Student Leadership and Engagement, that features the largest student choir on-campus. Learn more about ASUSF Voices here.

If you’re interested in hip hop dance, you’ll want to check out VarCity SF.

Any MUS 110/111 level courses are open to all »

Any DANC 110 level courses are open to all »

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When you arrive in the best city ever, you’ll get started with orientation! See the full schedule »

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When you arrive in the best city ever, you’ll get started with orientation! See the full schedule »

Thank you so much for answering my previous question about my change in major. I was also just wondering should I contact them now to change majors or wait until school starts? Also should it contact them through email or in person?

I would contact them now and see what they tell you. If you’re ever on-campus, contacting them in person is the fastest way to get things moving.

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Embarcadero, SF


Embarcadero, SF

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I am an incoming junior and I got in for communications studies, but I was wondering how difficult will it be to change to a business marketing major. What are the chances they'll let me in?

Students change their majors frequently, and this switch doesn’t sound impossible. You should follow up with an Academic Advisor in the Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) so they can assist you with the paperwork and general process of changing your major.

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Does USF give me contact information on my roommate once I've been matched? If so, when should they contact me?

No, USF doesn’t give you contact information once you have been matched with a roommate—though, sometimes the user profile on USF Rooms for your roommate will include a method of contact. 

If the user hasn’t provided contact information, you can try to find them via your class’s Facebook group and ask who the username belongs to.

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Do triple rooms have three desks as well as room for a micro fridge?

When I see triple rooms, they usually do have a third desk, but this varies from residence hall to residence hall, room to room. Triple rooms do still have space for a micro fridge. 

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Are we allowed to have ebooks or hard copy only? The ebooks are a lot cheaper...

This depends on how your professor feels about the use of technology in their classroom. You should email your professor and ask if they are okay with students using technology in class. 

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Hi! I'm planning to apply to USF as a freshman applicant. However, I do not want to live in dorms. On the website it says you can be exempted because of medical or financial reasons.. Have you heard of anyone doing this?

I haven’t personally heard of anyone that received an exemption from the University Residency Requirement, but I’m sure it happens. I would contact Student Housing and Residential Education  (SHaRE) to get more information about this policy.

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Does USF hold dances or something?

No, USF doesn’t hold university-wide dances. Some of the Greek organizations, however, have formal events annually.

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