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This might sound like a stupid question, but I'm an incoming freshman and I was wondering if the school has "syllabus week" and allows students time to get all of their courses materials/ textbooks once we arrive on campus in August? I'm going to get my textbooks from the USF bookstore, and I just want to make sure that I'll have time to get everything. Thank you for your help!

Totally not a stupid question!

USF doesn’t have an official “syllabus week.” Each course/professor operates independently. Some courses give you some time to get your textbooks and will be understanding if you don’t have all your books from day one. However, other courses fully expect you to have all books by the second day of class. You should email your professors and ask!

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Since this is my first summer here in SF, I wrote a list of activities and sights I wanted to see from my humble room back in Norwalk. At the top of my list was a day trip to Santa Cruz with my best friend Emilia to visit the boardwalk and stop by The Mystery Spot—and I recently got to cross that off my list!

We chose a day where we both didn’t have work, rented a car, and began our trip to Santa Cruz. Emilia’s friend from home was visiting and also joined us which made the trip even better! After we stopped at In-N-Out for some yummy nourishment, we finally started getting closer to Santa Cruz and the beautiful, famous boardwalk.

We layed on the beach, trying to tan even though it was, sadly, a gloomy day. We then decided that hitting The Mystery Spot was a good idea since we finished walking the boardwalk and soaking in all the sun we were going to get.

As we neared The Mystery Spot, the road turned into dirt and we entered the beautiful quiet of the Santa Cruz woods. We  slowed down to admire the stillness and undisturbed beauty of the woods before checking into The Mystery Spot. We got paired with an amazing tour guide named Mo. He was probably the funniest tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and definitely studied his technique, something I noticed since I’m a tour guide myself.

I didn’t know what to expect from the Mystery Spot, but what I did encounter was incredible and defied the laws of physics I’ve been taught since middle school. Everything was leaning at an angle and Mo demonstrated cool phenomena like making water crawl against gravity up a wooden board. When we reached the end of the tour and were discussing (and by discussing, I mean Mo telling corny jokes and everyone groaning in response, except me) the different theories of why the Mystery Spot doesn’t follow the accepted laws of physics and how nature is suppose to be, I was left stumped and confused. As we were leaving, Christina and I excitedly told friends about our tour and vowed to come back and visit our beloved Mo. 

We then decided to end our day trip in downtown Santa Cruz where we admired its enthusiastic street musicians and quaint shops, later deciding to treat ourselves to some Indian food. Since Emilia had driven from SF to Santa Cruz, I drove us all back. I was a little nervous because of the winding roads, but we made it safe and sound back to our home in SF.

Once we returned, we shook off the sand from the earlier that day and dreamt of Mo’s corny jokes. 


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Hi! So, I'll be leaving for orientation in a few weeks and I'm currently a Psychology major, but I'm passionate about art and literature/writing as well. Would I be allowed to triple major? I believe I would have to get approval from the deans of the respective colleges, but do you all have any idea how

Exciting! I totally understand wanting to pursue more than one interest, mal-entendu. Thankfully, USF supports this as much as they can. 

I’ve never known a student to triple major, mostly because I don’t know that it’s possible to fit all the required credits into four standard academic years. I know people who have double majored with a minor, though. 

In any case, you should speak with an Academic Advisor in the Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) as soon as you get to campus so you can figure out what you need to do to pursue all your interests and still graduate “on-time.” I recommend setting up an appointment ahead of time, but you can always drop in, too.

Center for Academic and Student Achievement

Phone: (415) 422-5050
Twitter: @itweetusf

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One of SF’s hidden treasures

If you haven’t heard about the Lone Mountain steps, you don’t actually know much about USF. Being in a city with a lot of hills, stairs are also part of the daily cardio routine (whether you like it or not).

The Lone Mountain steps are (usually) worth the climb once you get to the top. You’re greeted by an impressive building along with beautiful sights of downtown to the East, the Richmond district to the West, and St. Ignatius Church along with Twin Peaks to the South. 

Yes, Lone Mountain boasts magnificent panoramic sights, but in the Sunset district, there lies a hidden beauty—the Moraga Steps

You could say it rivals Lone Mountain for being ornate and quirky. 

Located near Grand View Park, the steps are the main attraction, not the view surrounding it. Mosaic tiles are embedded on each step, and at the bottom, the tiles come together to illustrate a picture of nature. I learned about the stairs from friends who posted pictures of it online. Be warned: getting to the steps does require a little bit of planning because of its location. That’s the main reason I haven’t seen them until recently.

This summer I managed to finally plan an adventure to visit the steps. When I reached, it was windy and foggy. The weather didn’t deter me from appreciating the beauty of the Moraga Steps, however. Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher were the artists behind this treasure, along with 300 other San Franciscans. 

From sea to land to moon to sun. (Photo by Lih Seng Goh)

Even though the fog shrouded the view, I didn’t mind because my attention was focused on the steps. As I hiked up the steps, it was as if I was ascending to the heavens.


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So I am not applying for any performing arts majors/minor. However, I want to be able to keep dancing and singing. Am I able to take classes if not involved in that school? Are there clubs/organizations at USF or ways outside of the school to continue with it?

Absolutely! You’ll be able to take those courses as Cores or electives when you have room for them in your schedule.

In terms of a club/organization, there is ASUSF Voices, an organization funded through USF’s Student Leadership and Engagement, that features the largest student choir on-campus. Learn more about ASUSF Voices here.

If you’re interested in hip hop dance, you’ll want to check out VarCity SF.

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When you arrive in the best city ever, you’ll get started with orientation! See the full schedule »

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When you arrive in the best city ever, you’ll get started with orientation! See the full schedule »

Thank you so much for answering my previous question about my change in major. I was also just wondering should I contact them now to change majors or wait until school starts? Also should it contact them through email or in person?

I would contact them now and see what they tell you. If you’re ever on-campus, contacting them in person is the fastest way to get things moving.

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Embarcadero, SF


Embarcadero, SF

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I am an incoming junior and I got in for communications studies, but I was wondering how difficult will it be to change to a business marketing major. What are the chances they'll let me in?

Students change their majors frequently, and this switch doesn’t sound impossible. You should follow up with an Academic Advisor in the Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) so they can assist you with the paperwork and general process of changing your major.

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