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So this happened.



So this happened.


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I called the admissions office and they said that my application was not complete. They fixed it, but I still have not heard from them yet and it has almost been a week. My counselor said that if i do not hear back by Monday, then I should call again, I did and the lady said that I should be getting one soon, but she did not know how long it would take. Do you know how long it will take? May is fast approaching and I really need to know.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a more specific answer than that—I’m sorry! Since you’ll need to make a decision by May 1st, it would make sense that you will hear back before then. You still have half a month, so there’s still some time for them to get back to you.

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How does eating and the cafeteria and the payment work?

If you have a meal plan, you will have “Flexi” on your One Card. When you want to buy food, head to any campus dining hall and they will swipe your One Card to make the purchase. 

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How do I sign up to meet and speak with an Admission adviser to review what academic classes I should take to meet USF's requirements if I am a transfer student?

If I were you, I would contact the Transfer Center, I’m sure they’d be able to help point you in the right direction.

Transfer Center »
(415) 422-4505

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Is there spring admission for undergraduate students and if so are there any scholarships or financial aid available?

Yes, and yes, scholarships/financial aid are available as well. The Spring deadlines are as follows:

  • November 1: International applicants
  • December 15: Domestic applicants
  • Financial Aid: Apply for current semester aid asap
  • March 2: FAFSA for next term


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How do we apply for merit based scholarships for the university? Is there an application? I couldn't click anything on the website

For merit-based scholarships, you do not apply separately. Your transcript information from your initial application for acceptance will determine if you receive merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are determined by hard numbers only.

See if you’ll qualify for a merit scholarship »

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What are the pros and cons of each hall for freshmen students?

Hayes-Healy / Gillson Halls

Pros: These halls are entirely first-year students, so you have a bunch of other people to relate to. 

Cons: These halls are at the bottom of Cardiac Hill, which is the hill you need to scale if you want to get to the cafeteria or classrooms on main campus.

Phelan Hall

Pros: Phelan is the most newly renovated hall. It is also on top of Cardiac Hill and right across from the cafeteria. 

Cons: The hall is not entirely made of first-years, so there are less people in your year to relate to. 

Lone Mountain Residence Hall

Pros: You’re close to important offices like One Stop, One Card, the Office of the Registrar, and others. LoMo also has some awesome views of the city. 

Cons: You’ll have to climb the dreaded Lone Mountain stairs every time you want to get to your room. Also, first-year students are in the minority in LoMo, so you have fewer freshmen to relate to than if you were in Hayes or Gillson.

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The Learning Environment

So you have to choose a college soon? Fret not, soon-to-be freshman. I have some advice for you.

Sure, it might seem better to choose the “best ranking” college. But you have to think about the environment you’re gonna study in. College is a crucial time for growth and is a transition period from teenager to young adult. Choose a place that you know will help you grow and learn more as a human being. The goal is to experience life at it’s fullest.

For me choosing USF was more or less an easy choice. It was down to Michigan State University (MSU) and USF. Having that traditional college life in MSU, a college town, appealed to me a lot. However, I knew that I wanted to be in a city. I felt that in a city, there was much more to do and more opportunities for growth. Also, San Francisco is an amazingly diverse city that never runs out of events to check out or things to do.

Also, weather plays an important role in deciding a college as well. I couldn’t see myself braving the icy winter of Michigan and even though San Francisco is known for it’s foggy weather, it’s still in sunny California and therefore considerably warmer compared to the Midwest states. For me, I knew that if it was too cold outside, I would be tempted to skip class and stay in bed where I would be warm all day. I didn’t want that temptation because I wanted to make the most of my college experience.

Basically, my advice to you is to choose a place that is good for your personal growth as well as strategic for your learning habits. Choose somewhere that you know you will grow personally and academically. While academics are important, the environment should be considered as well because college is a time for change and discovery.

You should not regret the college you end up choosing. I know I don’t.


I haven't heard back from USF yet about my application. I've sent and resent my letter of rec and emailed/called about the issue so many times already. May is coming fast. Do I have any hope to get into my #1 university choice? I'm hurting :(

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble hearing about your admission decision! College app season is an especially stressful time for applicants.

Our best recommendation would be to speak with the admission counsellor at your school and continue trying to contact our office for clarification. 

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